Give them personality

Providing animal lovers and shelters with heart-warming and engaging photography isn't something that happens automatically.  You have to find the soul within the scene to make it desirable.  Whether it's just your pet, a portrait of you and your pet, or a miserably beat up cat fighting for its life within a shelter cage, each instance has a story to tell and an appropriate photo to tug at your heart.  Achieving that photo can change everything.  Take a look at the photo at the top of this page.  This is that cat's original booking image:

The above cat's booking image

The above cat's booking image

Now which image is going to make you want to see more of that cat?  A scared cat laying in a litter box in the cage, or the image of her eyes longing for something more while having the impression of being behind bars?  These details matter in an animal rescue.  It could mean the difference between that animal being adopted or not.  The following pictures are all taken at a shelter, while in cages, traps or carriers.

However, it's not all about being in the shelter.  Photographing pets, fosters or potential adoptions can happen in nicer, sometimes even controlled settings. Often times these settings will result in photos that wander into the phase known as "so cute I could puke rainbows".

Take it a step further

Why stop at a photo?  Take it one more step and introduce the fabled moving picture!  It's guaranteed to attract more attention to whatever it is you're trying to accomplish.  Here we have a local shelter pleading for people to consider a neglected cat and it instantly garnered 4x the amount of views a typical post and photo would when embedded inline on a Facebook post.  Put it on YouTube and link it wherever else you want to and your reach grows even further.

It doesn't have to be solely about the animal either, but about the shelter, event or call for help that you need to get out there.  Here we have the same shelter as above making a summary of the recent news and requests from volunteers or donors.

Make it happen

Are you interested in animal photography or videography?  Does your shelter or cause need help in getting your message or needs into the public mindset?  Let's work together and make something happen.  Contact me.

Support the cause

Unless it's hired pet portrait photography, everything you see on this page was donated free of charge to local shelters.  Time and gear however does come at a price.  If you're not already donating to a shelter and would like to see more work like this, considering placing something in my own tip jar.  Doing so will not only get me back to the shelters more often, but I will send you a print of one of the animals on this page as a thank you.

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