While kittens can be born any time of the year, they typically come in greater numbers during the spring.  This year, while numbers at the shelter are down a bit for kittens, they are here and I'll be taking photos of some on a regular basis again to drum up attention for adoptions.

Here we have foster mom Sarah's 4 little piglets: Pork Chop, Bacon Bit, Riblet and Prosciutto.  I made a trip to her house last night, set up some lights and a backdrop, and proceeded to take a flurry of photos of the litter as well as each individual kitten in a variety of different props.  

Last year I did this on a weekly basis with some foster kittens we were taking care of at my own house so that the eventual adopters could see their cats as they grew up.  While it's usually not hard to get kittens adopted out, the studio-like photos certainly made them fly out the door a bit faster.  

So I wanted to try this again this year and as luck would have it, this foster parent just received these kittens as they were turning a week old.  In these pictures here the kittens are 15 days old, so effectively the 2 week point.  We are going to try to see if we can't capture them each week and create another collection of portraits to further their adoption.

Bursting out of their hideaway bed wanting to play.

Mother checking in, telling them to quit making such a ruckus.

All out of wine

I drank too much


Hey, we're outta wine!

Cats in a hat

Let me sing you the song of my people... Actually, we originally wanted to make some Cinco de Mayo shots, but there were no kittens around at the time (2 weeks prior) in order to make the holiday.  We took a couple props anyways and tried to get some.  Turns out it's not so easy to get a kitten to wear a hat!