One of my projects from the last month was some senior portraits for the eldest daughter of a friend of mine.  The graduate-to-be wasn't too happy with her first set of portraits for a variety of reasons, so the father asked me if I'd be willing to take some of her and do it in short enough time for the graduation party so that they could be used as an invite for it.  I said "of course!", so we met to hash out the details of what they wanted the set to be like.  Anything but staged and studio-like.  A couple weeks later we met to do an outdoor photo shoot in a variety of local spots that I went and picked out based on what they were talking about.

A couple of days later I got some samples up, which would also wind up being the final selection, and then helped them out to create their own invites online to cut down on cost.  So below are some of those images.