As last week's music week came to a close, I had one more event to go shoot and that was the long awaited Denim n Leather performance as they played all night while simultaneously shooting an 80's themed music video.  I was only able to stay through the end of the first set, so I didn't get to see much of the recording take place.  As a result I pretty much missed out on the shots I thought I would be taking, kind of a documentary style, and instead I just moved all around looking for new and interesting shots of the band.

And interesting shots is what it would have to boil down to... along with a lot of post processing.  Each successive indoor place I've been at over the past few weeks has continued to get darker and darker despite the seeming increase of lights on the stage.  You can see in some of the images below how many lights there are, however they're all behind the subjects.  The lights that were in front were very small, and very weak.  And to top it off, the person on the light board was very trigger happy on any and every light.  Often turning them on and off in less than a second as if they were matching a beat.  So, unless I want silhouette shots all night, ISO 12,800 f/2.8 here we come whether we like it or not.  Although many may come off as bright and well lit, that's literally just the magic of the digital darkroom, of which I spent a very long time in on some of these, and ultimately even after that wound up deleting them since they just weren't working out.  It's a bummer, but you can't win them all.  However, I like to at least come up with somewhere in the teens for total finished shots, so below we have 18.