I've started in on a new project that is going to be quite the ongoing type if it ends up being well received. I proposed to the animal shelter I do most of my work with, Dane County Friends of Ferals, an idea for a YouTube channel where we post weekly, or perhaps even more than that:

  • what is going on at the shelter
  • promote cats that have been in the program too long or are special needs
  • be a vehicle for requests for action and donations  

It also leads into other secondary videos to educate the public about certain details of the shelter and organization such as "what is a spay day?", or how to accomplish certain tasks that volunteers or people seeking services may ask, such as "how do I use a live trap?".

So right now we just posted the first video, the first Week in Review.  It's short and to the point and gets across the shelter's needs and accomplishments in 3 minutes.  If things go as planned, we'll post another one next Monday and eventually the auxiliary videos will start to appear in between them, even being linked to them and mentioned during the Week in Review videos.  Within time, it will be one large ongoing YouTube channel to educate the public on feral cats, tame cat adoption as well as help to grow and maintain the shelter.

The inaugural edition of The Week in Review

The inaugural edition of The Week in Review