One of the nice things about taking a timelapse is that you can take the resulting images and not only use them for your video, but pull individuals out for other purposes. Or in the case of landscape and astrophotography, take the whole bunch and stack them later.  You basically get a two-for-one out of the shoot.  You can make a video and you can make a killer image.  Now there are plenty of ways to stack, including specialized software, but I rolled my own method that involved creating some Adobe Bridge and Photoshop scripts.  This allowed me to work at really high resolutions, involving hundreds of potential layers, and breaking it down into manageable automated chunks that I didn't have to supervise or bring my computer to a grinding halt.   And trust me, the first few attempts did just that and was a massive amount of wasted time.  However, as time went on and I got the scripting down, I got really excited by some of the results and started imagining new uses for this method that I hope to give a test run to soon.  For now, however, there's this.

696 image stack of the aurora from the video in the previous post