Having just finished up some introductory work at The Second City in Chicago, Sean was looking to get into comedy and minor acting gigs.  So at the end of June he asked me for some help with a few head shots in an attempt to take his career in a new direction.  Of course I said sure, so we set up and worked for a bit on creating a range of poses and expressions that he could use for a variety of applications.  We even had some fun and took a few of them quite a bit further than your typical headshot and photoshopped some comedy into it.  Not that it's going to be used in submitting an application, but it makes for a fun Facebook profile pic when you're holding Daenerys Targaryen's dragon Drogon in the palm of your hand.

What's really great about these results is that Sean got in touch with me a couple weeks later and said that he had already landed two gigs, one of which was a commercial he was set to film just the next week.  It's been a couple weeks since then and the finished product is already here.  Check out Mueller's Kitchen.  So it took him exactly one month from getting his first ever headshots to his first completed gig.