I was asked recently to be a part of an event for a band that I had shot last year, New Hiram Kings.  It was a free public performance at a small music venue in Milwaukee, but in reality it was a family event for the lead member and quite a few people in attendance.  I was asked to surreptitiously photograph a certain person in the audience, but also in general photograph the entire event and the band.   So my task was set.

At first it was proving difficult with the very low light situations in there that even extremely high ISO couldn't handle.  However, I came prepared.  For the first time ever I shot a music event with flashes.  I bounced two remote flashes around the room to light up both the crowd and the band.  The band was lit somewhat by a snooted flash aimed at the ceiling hiding behind a speaker stack, while the other was bounced into an extremely tall diffuse window where the crowd seating began.  This second flash was the key as it allowed it to light up the first few rows of tables which made all of the people shots possible, as well as provide some fill into the band.

In the end, I managed to get quite a few shots that meant a lot to the family involved, but I wanted to take it a step further beyond just photos.  What I also did was record the entire event in audio.  Nothing fancy like soundboard recording, but just ambient air.  I then took one song that was clearly the highlight of the evening and made a small slide show out of it.  This would end up being what sold the entire night more than anything else.  It was a simple extra touch, but I've been told time and time again how much it meant to them.  That alone made me very proud to be a part of this event. 

So, in lieu of posting some pics, here is that video.