Today was a double event of cats... and cars.  Being International Cat Day, what better way to spend it than with cats.  So I headed off to Rock Springs, WI where Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue was holding a fundraiser with a car show in town.  Just up the road is the actual sanctuary, so having got to the car show a bit early we headed up to the sanctuary to check out some big cats.  All of these cats are rescues from closed zoos or hoarding/breeding situations.  It's quite the sight to see all of these very non native species within the Driftless Area of Wisconsin.  Before I knew it I had spent 3 hours there photographing them all.

I would absolutely love to get back here and be able to photograph inside of the secondary fence.  Shooting through one, sometimes 2 fences just to have a good angle really diminishes some of these photos.  The haze running through them is the out of focus fences.  If they were the right distance away, I could sort of get a clean shot.  Anywhere else and I was cutting them up with horizontal and vertical hazy lines.  It'd be so nice to be inside that first fence so I could get the lens up to the enclosures and shoot straight through the openings.

There is a slight story to some of these.  When the male lion appears, I have written up a description of the events on mouse over.  If you're on mobile, I'm sorry but these don't appear.  Basically there was a fight over some food.