I went to Picnic Point on the UW Campus with the intent on capturing the Lunar eclipse last night, even though it was quite cloudy at the time.  It seemed like there was a chance for breaks here and there, so I was hoping to catch it through some of them.  Besides, maybe a moody, cloudy backdrop could make for some interesting shots.  Then I got there and to compound on the clouds, I did not realize there was a fallen tree jutting out into the water blocking most of the city skyline view.  I honestly thought about leaving, but with only 30 minutes to an hour to go, I had no other place I could get to in time.  So I figured I better stay and hope for the best.  Having gotten there quite early, I took the one spot that offered a view of the Capitol, and pretty much just the Capitol at that.  Then about 10-15 into the eclipse, the clouds broke... completely.  

So in the end, I got this, and actually, I'm counting my blessings that tree was there.  I don't think my original wide sprawling idea would have been as good or as focused as this.  While I had two cameras running, one with my 16-35mm capturing the wide angle, and one with my 400mm capturing the moon, this shot wound up being completely comprised of shots taken with the 400mm.  The background is a 2 shot vertical panorama, and then obviously each of the moon shots are pasted over it from various intervals of solo moon shots over the 3 hours or so.

Super Blood Harvest Moon Rising over the Capitol