As I alluded to on Facebook the night before Ironman, Saturday Morning Cartel wanted me to meet them at The Badger Bowl to capture their new lineup.  While they weren't quite ready for video yet, they did want some images of them as a band both on and off the stage with their new guitarist to use for promotion going forward.  So meet with them I did and this is what we came up with.

One small note, however.  Over the past few months I've begun attempting to go beyond pure representation of the moment and do a little bit more with post production.  Get more into various color palettes, perhaps some layering and effects here and there... basically nothing that could have happened straight out of a modern day full frame Canon DSLR.  And this set represents the first time I delivered those attempts to a client as a finished product.  Of course, what I'm showing here isn't all I gave them.  For every "messed up" final image, there was a corresponding "normal" version as well so that they could choose which they like better.  After all, I had to start with that image, so I might as well put it in the package as an option.  So especially with the group shots, that's where I experimented the most as I envisioned them being used in a non-traditional way.  And then I extended that to a select few of the live shots where the content and framing could be used in a similar fashion as well.

So in the end, upon inspecting each image, almost no two are alike.  Yet on a cursory glancing of the thumbnails, there is a style and "look" that blends them all together which does match what I usually produce.  At least that is my intention.