Thanks again for having me shoot your photos.  I made a variety of edits to some shots and only a single edit type to others.  If you want one edited a certain way that isn't on the others (b&w for instance where none exists), let me know. Some also have a slightly harsher edge and style to them.  If you'd prefer a softer look, let me know as well.  Some can't be changed much, however, due to the flash and lighting involved (ie. fishing shots).


In the link below is both a zip file of every photo below in both print and online sizes, as well as a folder allowing you to download individual images of either size.  Do not try to print anything out of the online folder unless it's something very small like a 2x3 or 4x5.  No crops beyond the original 2x3 ratio have been made.  When you choose to make a print it will be up to you to choose the crop when making an 8x10, 5x7, etc.  Also below is a print release authorizing you to make prints and show as proof that you have the right to do so if any printer questions you.

Online Folder (1GB)

Print Release


The following images are not for printing.  The print images are in the download link above.  The following is a gallery for browsing and suitable for saving and posting to websites such as Facebook or keeping on your phone.  These reduced size images are also included in the zip file above.  Clicking on the images will open a lightbox of a larger version of the image, which you can then navigate left and right through all of the photos (swiping on a phone), including saving that image through whatever means at your disposal to save images. (press and hold -> download, right click -> save image as..., etc)

It would also be much appreciated if any photos you post on Facebook be tagged with RPO Photo in the description of each image.  If you are unsure of how to do this, you begin typing @RPO Photo in your description and as you type a dropdown will appear with possible suggestions.

Finish by choosing the one you see above and a link is made.

Please put this in the description of the individual photos since if you create an album and only put it on the album description, when images are shared or liked, the description and therefore credit doesn't reach the new viewer.