Your pictures are here!  You can save individual smaller files below, or download an archive of all the files below which also includes the full resolution images.  If you're on a mobile device, after clicking to enlarge an image, you can swipe left and right to navigate through them.

Also, here's the audio.  I didn't trim anything, so it actually has downtime after sound check.

Additionally, here is a YouTube playlist of all the videos I took with the mic camera angle and any random shots I got with my camera, with the audio from above bumped up and EQ'd a bit.  If there's any particular section you want, if you're clever enough you could download it from the YouTube page, or let me know which song number it is and I'll export that solo and put it somewhere for download.  These are rather huge files to deal with, so song by song is a more manageable solution.  Sorry for the lack of video from my main camera, but juggling between shooting pics and video, I didn't get much video.  In hindsight, I should have shot a lot more.  Take a look at song 7, especially the end, and notice the massive difference in quality between the GoPro and my dslr.  It would have been nice to see a whole song like that.  Next show!


Zip Archive (136 MB) - 20 images

Audio capture (635MB)

YouTube Playlist


The following images are not for printing.  It's a gallery for browsing and suitable for saving and posting to websites such as Facebook or keeping on your phone.  These reduced size images are also included in the zip file above.