Hi Kailea,

Thanks again for choosing me to take your headshots.  I think they turned out fantastic!  Like I said, you have a lot of choices to pick from.  One thing, though, I forgot to tell you while I was there that what I want you to do is pick a few that you want to use as your final shots that you would be submitting to the theater group.  Tell me those file names and I'll then take those and do some final retouching that is typically more time consuming than what I've done so far.  Skin smoothing, blemish removal, etc.  It's nothing too extreme, but it does add that little extra something to the image.


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The images below can be enlarged by clicking on them, and then navigated through by swiping or clicking left and right.  These images are the same images that are in the "online" folder in the downloads above, but have been automatically resized to fit the resolution that you are viewing at.  So while you can directly save these images below, they will be of a smaller size that what I have provided above.