I messed around with a few way beyond what I usually do, like the title picture above.  If there's one like that, there's probably also other versions that aren't crazy and more just right out of camera looking.  But I thought I'd throw them on top.  It all started when I tried to make your photo where you were waving your hands in front of your face blurry and somewhat like the effect you thought it would make, so it kind of took off from there and I incorporated more post processing on more images where I thought might work.

A tag to my Facebook page RPO Photo with a caption like "Photo by RPO Photo" would be appreciated in the photo descriptions if you use any on Facebook.  Thank you.


Complete Archive in zip format and individual files 

You can also view the images below by clicking and swiping/clicking through them and then Save As..., although these images will be limited to the resolution of your browser window up to 1500px max.