As always, I loved the show you guys put on.  Especially loved the addition of Tool.  I think I was too in awe and forgot to take pics for a while there, but hopefully there's enough below to satisfy the rest of the night.   I was also really glad you got the full on production you deserve at that place.  The lights and smoke add a lot of atmosphere to many of the pictures.  You can click on any of the images and get a 1500px version of it in a lightbox that you can just right click and download.  You can also navigate through the rest of them by clicking left or right in the popup, or swiping left/right on a mobile phone.

Also, here's a zip file (247MB) containing them all, plus original sizes for larger use.  If you want to use them on Facebook, I would appreciate a nod of credit.  Even just putting in the text would be sufficient.  Thanks!