Eye Popping Imagery

Are you a band looking for some highlight images from your performance that are something a bit better than shaky and blurry fan cell phone photography posted on Facebook?  Is the bass player's girlfriend's video capture of the show a bit lacking?  Look no further.  Whether you need to capture a performance to sell yourself for better promotion, or you have a special gig where you'd like to have some great photography, I can help.  Make your shows look amazing and full of energy where people who didn't show up regret that they missed it.

Affordable Live Capture

So you need to self promote to get those slightly bigger gigs and bring in a bigger paycheck.  How do you do that? You show the promoters and bar owners what you can do, and nothing does it better than a fully edited, multi-camera angle recording with sound board audio of your past shows where you played your butt off.  Getting this type of service is cheaper than you think and will more than pay for itself with the new gig money you'll be pulling in as a result.  Choose from a highlight medley reel of the show put into a 5-10 minute clip, or have entire songs edited down to post individually online.