The Breakdown

Portrait services are fairly straightforward.  It is a base rate of $135/hour of shooting on location within a 30 minute drive radius of Stoughton, WI.  You will typically get around 30 printable shots per hour of shooting.  If after I've delivered your photos you want more images altered or edited in a fashion that wasn't provided (ie, creating more edits of one shot to look like a photographic style that another photo was delivered as), it incurs an additional $45/hour of work.  If you require on location shots greater than 30 minutes away, an additional $30/hour fee is required.

The Delivery

Delivering photos to you is done by digital delivery.  This is done via a client page on this site which links to a shared online folder providing the individual files and a zip file of your entire archive.  Inside each archive is a folder structure of various common print sizes.  If you're going to make a print of a certain image, simply find that image within the appropriate crop folder and send it on its way.  Also included is a folder for online use that includes the original 2x3 crop resized to 2048x2048, which is the max high resolution dimensions that Facebook allows.  Do not try to print these images as they are too small to provide any decent type of quality on paper.